PM sensors (Soot sensors)

Particulate Matter (PM) Sensors/ Soot Sensors

The Particulate Matter (PM) sensor / Soot Sensor is an exhaust sensor which measures cumulative particulate mass used for on-board diagnostics (OBD) and helps detect leakage in the diesel particulate filter (DPF).
The integrated heater maximizes sensor regeneration across a wide range of operating conditions.
The increased use of Particulate Matter Sensors (PMS) / Soot Sensors now utilized on increasing numbers of Diesel-powered vehicles. Currently, for Diesel-powered vehicles to meet Emission Legislation Standard in Europe and USA, they are generally fitted with an exhaust trap/filter for Particulate Matter. (DPF-Diesel Particulate Filter). Monitoring the levels of restriction in the DPF can be provided by evaluating the pressure difference across the filter by the "DPF-Exhaust Pressure Sensor" as required by in-use monitoring (OBD), to ensure the efficiency of a functioning DPF through a regeneration process.
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