AdBlue sensors (Urea sensors): AdBlue Q confirm the liquid leveluality Sensors and Sensors and Adblue Level-Temp. Sensors

AdBlue quality sensors uses the ultrasonic principle, which is applied to the after treatment systems of concentration detection and level measurement. Using the principle of electromagnetic induction, the output signal has high accuracy, good stability and continuity. The integrated 3D filter on the head is easy to clean and replace, and it is multifunctional in one AdBlue level-temp. confirm the liquid level resistance based on the connection of reed and fload in Electron tube, then to get the liquid level corresponding data of the urea.

AdBlue solution is easy to freeze at -11 degree C, which affects the normal operation of the SCR system. Therefore, if used in severe cold areas, spiral AdBlue sensors are recommended. Such sensors heat up quickly and can thaw AdBlue in a short period of time, allowing the SCR system to quickly enter normal working conditions.
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